Service Level Agreement (SLA) at CruvzCloud

CruvzCloud's Service Level Agreement (SLA) is applicable to all Virtual/Cloud Servers, Dedicated Hosting Servers, Shared Servers, and Co-location clients. Clients acknowledge that measurements taken via our "Self Service" portal determine eligibility for any applicable Performance Credits.
Should a client identify a discrepancy in such measurements, it is imperative to promptly notify CruvzCloud. Both parties will collaboratively assess the validity and accuracy of the measurement, as well as the client's eligibility for any applicable Performance Credits.
CruvzCloud retains the right to add, modify, or remove aspects of the Service Level Agreement at its sole discretion.


Actual Uptime (A): The percentage of hours in a month during which the service is available for use by the Customer or its clients, vis-a-vis the Coverage Hours.

Coverage Hours: Refers to uninterrupted service availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Credits: Free services detailed in Section 7, which the Customer is entitled to due to deviations in Service Levels.

Downtime (D): The duration of a Service Outage in aggregate hours in any month, starting when a Trouble Ticket is initiated and ending upon its closure by CruvzCloud, subject to Customer confirmation of issue resolution.

Emergency Maintenance: Urgent maintenance conducted in conditions endangering the system, equipment, network, or life, requiring immediate attention. Efforts will be made to notify Customers in advance; however, in emergencies, CruvzCloud may perform maintenance at the earliest opportunity.

Exceptions: Events detailed in Section 8 that do not constitute Service Outage or Downtime for this SLA.

Excused Downtime (E): Agreed-upon hours in a month for troubleshooting or equipment upgrades by CruvzCloud, subject to prior written consent from the Customer. Emergency Maintenance is part of Excused Downtime.

CruvzCloud Helpdesk: The designated fault-reporting location. Details provided in Clause 9 of this SLA or as intimated by CruvzCloud to the Customer.

Scheduled Downtime (S): Aggregated hours during which Services downtime is requested by CruvzCloud for checks, configuration changes, or maintenance, subject to prior notification to the Customer.

Service Outage: Unscheduled disruption or failure in any Service offered by CruvzCloud, rendering the Customer's server inaccessible. It includes failures of CruvzCloud Material or Shared Services offered as part of CruvzCloud Services.

Total Time (T): Total hours in a month (e.g., 30 days × 24 hours in a 30-day month).

Trouble Ticket: A ticket confirming the logging of a Customer complaint related to a Service Outage to CruvzCloud.

2.Customer Responsibilities

1. The Customer is responsible for adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs), and any modifications to these procedures require prior written consent from CruvzCloud.

2. Additionally, the Customer must appoint a designated representative to coordinate all activities with CruvzCloud. Both parties will establish a validation process to identify and collaborate with this designated representative effectively.


3.1 Service Availability
CruvzCloud commits to providing each aspect of the Service with availability during the Coverage Hours from the data center.

3.2 Actual Uptime Calculation
The Service is guaranteed to maintain an Actual Uptime "A" of 99.00% averaged monthly, calculated using the formula:
A= T−S−E-D / T−S−E

3.3 Downtime Assurance
CruvzCloud ensures that Downtime (excluding Scheduled Downtime and Excused Downtime for Services) will not exceed 4 hours for a single occurrence.


4.1 CruvzCloud will provide a set of reports, including a 'Downtime/Availability' report (as depicted in Exhibit A), on a monthly basis as part of the Services offered by CruvzCloud, upon request by the Customer and as mutually agreed upon by both parties.
4.2 These reports, along with other performance metrics, will be reviewed monthly by CruvzCloud and the Customer's technical and user teams. If requested, CruvzCloud will provide clarifications based on these reports. Additionally, any new business or operational changes may prompt a review of SLAs.


Customer personnel are required to notify the CruvzCloud IDC HELPDESK to report any Service Outage. Upon notification, the CruvzCloud IDC HELPDESK will create a Trouble Ticket for the Customer, and the Customer must reference this Trouble Ticket Number in all subsequent communications.

Once a Trouble Ticket is opened, CruvzCloud will investigate the reported Service Outage and endeavor to promptly rectify it using industry-standard best efforts. If the issue pertains to network equipment, performance, or any repair that might cause a Service Outage, appropriate notice will be provided to the Customer before initiating maintenance.

Any unresolved issues within 1 hour of reporting must be promptly communicated to the Customer. CruvzCloud aims to resolve all Trouble Tickets within 2 hours of logging, whether through repair, replacement, or providing a workaround that does not disrupt the Customer's normal productivity.

In cases where calls remain unresolved beyond two hours, CruvzCloud will inform the Customer accordingly. Upon rectification, CruvzCloud will communicate the resolution to the Customer and close the Trouble Ticket only after receiving acknowledgment from the Customer.

If the Service Outage is related to application software, communication links, or any other resource/service not provided by CruvzCloud, CruvzCloud will immediately communicate this to the Customer. Both parties will collaborate to address the deviation.

The service window for all calls is 24x7x365 (Trouble Tickets 24x7x365 & Telephonic support from 9 AM to 9 PM).


If the Customer encounters a Service Outage, the following escalation procedure must be adhered to:
1. Contact CruvzCloud Helpdesk and report the issue. CruvzCloud will immediately issue a Trouble Ticket number upon notification.
2. If the issue remains unresolved by CruvzCloud within one hour from reporting to the CruvzCloud Helpdesk, the Customer may escalate the matter to the SHIFT MANAGER at CruvzCloud IDC.
3. If the issue persists beyond two hours thirty minutes from reporting to the CruvzCloud Helpdesk, the Customer may further escalate/report the matter to the OPERATIONS HEAD at CruvzCloud IDC.


7.1 SLA Violation due to Uptime: If the Uptime during the specified month falls below 99.00%, it will result in an SLA violation. In such cases, CruvzCloud will provide Credits as outlined herein.

7.2 Credits for Uptime Below 99.00% In the event that the calculated Actual Uptime (A) as per Clause 3.2 falls below 99.00%, the following Credits will be provided to the Customer:

A >= 99.00% No Penalty
98% =< A < 99.00% 2 days equivalent of Charges for the Service affected calculated on a prorata basis
97% =< A < 98% 3 days equivalent of Charges for the Service affected calculated on a prorata basis
96% =< A < 97% 4 days equivalent of Charges for the Service affected calculated on a prorata basis
95% =< A < 96% 5 days equivalent of Charges for the Service affected calculated on a prorata basis
A < 95% 6 days equivalent of Charges for the Service affected calculated on a prorata basis

7.3 Review of Service Availability Records: Records and data used for Service Availability calculations and determinations, as presented in the 'Downtime/Availability' report (referenced in Exhibit A), will be discussed, reviewed, and mutually agreed upon by both parties during their monthly reviews.


The Customer shall not receive any Credits in connection with Service Outages caused by or related to:

8.1 Failure of Customer links, access circuits, local loop, or any network not owned or managed by CruvzCloud, or total stoppage of third-party services affecting global access to Customer locations.

8.2 Time taken during offline backups, whether planned or requested by the Customer after prior notice.

8.3 DNS issues beyond the direct control of CruvzCloud.

8.4 Failure or defects in Customer Material.

8.5 Any acts or omissions by the Customer or authorized parties, including negligence, willful misconduct, or misuse of CruvzCloud Material and/or Services breaching the terms and conditions of the agreement, or in case of Service suspension by CruvzCloud as per agreement provisions.

8.6 Equipment damage or faults resulting from accidents, transportation, neglect, or misuse by the Customer or its representatives.

8.7 Use of CruvzCloud Material and/or Services for purposes other than their intended use.

8.8 Failure to notify the HELPDESK of a Service Outage by the Customer.

8.9 Service Outages without a logged Trouble Ticket or not specifically requested for Credits by the Customer.

8.10 Occurrences resulting in a "no trouble found" Trouble Ticket, as confirmed by the Customer.

8.11 Interruptions where the Customer chooses not to release a Service for testing and repair, opting to continue usage on an impaired basis.

8.12 Regulatory events.

8.13 Any abuse, fraud, or failure to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy by the Customer or its end-users.

8.14 Force Majeure events.


9.1 CruvzCloud Contact point:

Name: CruvzCloud Helpdesk
E-mail ID: [email protected]

9.2 Customer Contact points:


Telephone number:

E-mail ID:

9.3 Notification of Contact Details Both parties shall promptly notify each other of any changes in the above-mentioned contact points to ensure effective communication. Any such change shall become effective within 24 hours upon receipt of written notice by the receiving party.