Cloud GPUs

Maximize cloud-based GPU computing for diverse industries, ensuring robust performance.

Cruvz LiveStream

Deliver brand-defining live video & audio experiences with Cruvz Stream.

Linux Cloud

Enjoy peak bare-metal performance in the Cloud, free from disruptions and guaranteed reliability.

Windows Cloud

Leverage robust Windows Server instances in the cloud or through dedicated servers for powerful, dependable workload execution.

Storage Cloud

CruvzCloud presents secure, cost-effective storage solutions enabling businesses to schedule snapshots, automate backups, and access data securely and swiftly from anywhere.

Tally On Cloud

Provides flexibility, security, and scalability by hosting Tally on our cloud servers. Allowing seamless accessibility from anywhere.

Our Key difference

On-demand access to IT resources

Latest Intel & AMD Processors

Popular Windows & Linux Distros

Full-Featured Control Panel

Root User Acces

99.9% Uptime Is Guaranteed

10x More Speed

Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Free Data Migration

Shared Hosting

Dynamics of Shared Hosting

Rs. 149.00/mo

Single Domain, 10 GB Disk Space


Collaborative Resource Access

Rs. 525.00/mo

50 Users, 500 GB Disk Space

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting Opportunities

Rs. 1775.00/mo

Unlimited Domains, 20 GB Disk Space

Cruvz Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Rs. 7500.00/mo

4 vCPUs, 30 GB RAM, 125 GB Disk Space

Virtual Private Cloud

Securing Data & Agility

Rs. 2,263.00/mo

4vCPUs, 8 GB RAM, 100 GB Disk Space

Test & Development

Deploying Applications

Rs. 2400.00/mo

4 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM, 50 GB Disk Space.

Cruvz GPU

Graphics processing unit

Rs. 2,50,000.00/mo

60 vCPUs, 330 GB RAM, 1600 GB Disk Space

Cruvz LiveStream

Real-Time Connections

Rs. 1,180.00/mo

S-1, Shared, 1 Streaming Channel

Email Hosting

Efficient Communication

Rs. 1400.00/mo

Unlimited Users, 5 GB Disk Space

Built With
Everything You Need

Cruvz Networks crafts each workload to encompass all essential components for seamlessly running your development or production stack. In essence, our configurations come pre-equipped with everything necessary to power your operations. From fundamental infrastructure elements to tailored specifications, our setups are meticulously designed, ensuring that every aspect required to support your development or production environment is readily available, allowing you to focus on your tasks without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.


Object Storage

It's a robust storage service optimized for handling intense computational workloads by utilizing solid-state drives and adhering to the S3 interface standards.

Cruvz Volumes

In simpler terms, Cruvz Block Storage, also referred to as EBS (Elastic Block Store), offers storage volumes at a block level, allowing seamless attachment to your compute nodes.


Effortlessly set up and manage your cloud-based database. Access a premium Database service tailored for crucial applications with ease.

Cloud Load Balancers

Shift focus to applications and clients with fully-managed Load Balancer Appliances. Prioritize improving apps and customer service without handling load balancing infrastructure intricacies.

Everything Monitored

Monitoring helps being
in control & perform better

You deserve monitoring of the resources you use with us. Monitoring helps mitigate unexpected slowness or outages. You will know which time of the day or which week of the month your server requires more resources. This helps in your applications performing well, and to us in meeting our SLA commitments with you. Not to mention, it's our business to keep your business running!

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Featured Client Stories


Our website's continuous operation has been made possible by Cruvz Cloud's excellent technical support. Their state-of-the-art infrastructure and dedication to security have improved our digital campaigns'.


Neha Fathima



I compare all the service providers before I buy and by far the best specification. The Customer support is always efficient and available to answer all our questions. I can manage different websites, domains, and emails conviniently in one place.





Their support team is incredible! They not only resolve issues promptly but also offer clear explanations, making complex problems seem simple. Thank you.


Prashanth Gowda


Our Clients

Exploring Cloud Hosting FAQs Unveiled

Curious about the buzz surrounding cloud hosting? Delve into this comprehensive set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to unravel the nuances of cloud hosting. Gain insights into scalability, security, customization options, billing structures, and more.

  • What is Cloud Hosting?

    Essentially, in cloud hosting, the infrastructure isn't reliant on a single physical server. Instead, it draws resources from a network of interconnected servers. This network approach allows for efficient resource allocation and scalability. If one server within the cloud encounters issues or experiences high demand, the workload can be shifted or balanced across other available servers in the cluster.

  • In shared hosting, multiple websites share resources on a single physical server. This can lead to limitations in handling sudden spikes in traffic or resource demands since all sites draw from the same pool of storage, RAM, and CPU.

    On the flip side, cloud hosting provides a more scalable and resilient environment. It utilizes virtualization, separating resources into scalable instances. For instance, CEPH storage clusters ensure redundancy by storing data across multiple instances (3N redundancy), allowing for continued service even if one instance encounters an issue.

  • In essence, ResellerClub provides weekly backups for disaster recovery purposes. While they offer a service to restore web, email, and database content upon request (for a fee and subject to availability), they strongly advise users not to solely depend on their backups for content safety. Instead, they encourage users to take full responsibility for their own backups.

  • Load balancing distributes incoming traffic across multiple servers to ensure optimal resource utilization and prevent any single server from being overloaded. This improves performance and reliability.

  • Redundancy ensures high availability and fault tolerance by duplicating critical components or data across multiple servers or data centers. This helps maintain service continuity in case of hardware failures or other issues.