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Managed networking functionality for your Cloud resources and Provide flexibility to scale Cruvz Virtual Private Cloud let you increase the IP space of any subnets without any workload shutdown or downtime.

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Virtual Private Hosting


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Uptime of 99.99% guaranteed

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24/7 Support

We are always at your desk to support you for your infra and applications.

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Our Dedicated Support

With our dedicated and Expert Engineers, your infrastructure is completely monitored and available to support you.

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Performance Disk

Cruvz make sure you get the right IO’s and performance.

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Your Infrastructure is flexible and scalable.

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have mastered techniques to help reduce bandwidth strain by limiting the data in the pipe at a time.

Standard Plus

  • Cores

  • Performance Disk

  • Bandwidth

  • RAM

  • Dedicated IP

  • Full Root Access

  • File Manager

  • Managed Support

We Offer


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Dedicated firewall

Allows you with the root access to restrict the unwanted traffic to your private network.

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Securely connect to your private network with our VPN Solutions.

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Secure Access RDP

With our browser based Secure Access Solution, you can connect from Windows, Linux, iOS or Android devices.

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This helps in monitoring the network traffic from In and Out of your Virtual Private Server.

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With our Secured HA, we distribute traffic across multiple servers and so you avail the best redundancy and uptime.

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30 Days MoneyBack

We do have a 30-day money back guarantee for all of our shared hosting plans and 14 days money back guarantee for cloud hosting plans. Our money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that our services will meet the expectations.