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Sprint delivery of applications. Easy and quick create test and development virtual infra with our flexible and scalable infrastructure.

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Invest your time on development

IT is under increasing pressure to move at a breakneck speed, rapidly delivering solutions that support business goals and allow the company to stay competitive. We at Cruvz deploy great applications, tested and hence this reduces lot of time and development effort. So your team can keep your focus on App Development.

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Support with all the platforms

it is a challenge to deliver a product which has a diverse user community. An application cannot be tested on each and every combination of device – OS or configurations; but, testing on a handful of them will help you identify problems or issues in most of the platforms. Cruvz brings cross-platform functionality to your test and development environment with your preferred coding language to build and test your applications to iOS and Android.

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Ready setup with no-time

Setup you’re virtual infra with no-time. Virtual Machines are provisioned in seconds, instead of days or weeks. We at Managed support help you in speedy creation of multiple Virtual machines, network them and allocate to your dev-apps team.

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Flexible test environments

Duplicate live scenarios in your test infrastructure. Test environment scale to fix the bugs before the application is live. If you have set your production virtual Infra in Cruvz we from the managed desk help you in cloning the application and show you, how the application behave in the live scenario.

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Lower hardware Waste

We at the managed desk, help you in getting the right monitoring resources. Access the real-time utilization of resources and eliminates wastage. We calculate and help you in understanding the utilization and saving cost on unutilized resources.