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Agentless service to migrate virtual-only workloads from on-premises infrastructure or from Microsoft Azure or AWS to CruvzCloud. Migrate an unlimited number of servers to CruvzCloud at no charge.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Migrate your virtual desktops to CruvzCloud for the maximum flexibility and easy management with our browser based Secure Access gateway.Continually replicate source machines into a staging area without causing downtime or impacting performance. After a minimal cutover window, your machines are automatically converted to boot and run natively in CruvzCloud.

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Web Applications

We value our customers and also help customers on-boarding to CruvzCloud absolutely no extra charge with the minimum time and bringing web applications running PHP or .NET.

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Test and Development

Significantly reduces cost on migrating your test and development environment to CruvzCloud. We make sure, your services are up and running with no-time.

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Bring the intelligence, security, and reliability and our expertise to your SAP applications—while you minimize risk and disruptions to your business. Get practical guidance to move your on-premises SAP workloads to the cloud.

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ON-Premises to Cloud

Migrate VMs running on Windows or Linux to cloud. Simplify migrating your On-Premises Physical or Virtual Machines to CruvzCloud. This saves 75% every month.

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Linux On Cruvz

Cruvz Supports common Linux distributions, including RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and CoreOs.